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Miss Mississippi Music Marketing Playlist

As a musician dedicated to sharing the benefits of music, I live by the fact that everything in life can be defined by a song. When I tie my marketing strategy as Miss Mississippi to music, it all comes together. This is my creative way to share my plan with you. 

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"There She Is"
-Emmie Perkins

Check out my original song on all streaming platforms! It will serve as a theme song for Miss America and be used as a marketing tool for recruitment and social media.


"Your Song Saved My Life"

Bringing the life saving magic of music to the country. I can do this by establishing hubs for Music Is Medicine on college campuses across our nation as well as personally visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and school systems with my curriculum.


"What The World Needs Now Is Love"
-Dionne Warwick

My dedication to being a loving, caring and inclusive Miss Mississippi.


"Stand By Me"
-Ben E. King

Recruit women to join the Miss America Organization through a monthly zoom series open to current and potential titleholders.


"The Story"
-Brandy Carlile

Spreading stories of authenticity and music to everyone I come in contact with. Stories shape us and connect us.


"Can't Help Falling In Love"
-Elvis Presley

Helping develop a brand through compelling videos, intentional social media posts, and engaging online content.


"Run The World Girls"

Continue to build on the legacy of MAO past and present. I want to reignite the passion the people of America have for the organization.


"America The Beautiful"
-Whitney Houston

Highlight our great country and the pursuit of the American dream through a monthly IG live series called Mississippi Made.


"Taking Care of Business"
-Bachman Turner Overdrive

I will consistently be "Taking Care of Business" in every appearance, every interaction, and every conversation.


-Jackson 5

Personally visit a school in all 82 counties across the state of Mississippi. Head over to my "Metrics" page to see my progress.


"Ladies Night"
-Kool & The Gang

A talent show fundraiser to raise money for Musicians on Call and the MAO.


Using the healing power of music
to make a change in the world around me.

Music heals.
Music Is Medicine.

A Glimpse of Me

Music and the arts make my world go around. 

Music was never at the forefront of my life leading up to the year that I turned nine. I tried, keyword TRIED, to play soccer, dance, paint, etc. with very average to below-average success. I approached my mom one day about auditioning for a local production of "Annie The Musical" because I was jealous that my next-door neighbors got to try out! My mom, supportive of all my dreams, took me to the audition. When I opened my mouth and sang, everyone asked my mother if I was adopted. She was in shock! From this day on, my life was consumed with music. 

Music, the arts, and creative thinking have been a part of my life since discovering my love for these elements. In the years following my discovery, I have achieved and experienced many different feats! 

As a student at Mississippi State University, I was blessed to carry the title of "Miss Mississippi State University" representing over 20,000 students. Through this experience, I have been able to work with state legislators, expand my initiative Music Is Medicine (bringing arts and music to heal those across the state of Mississippi), and regularly appear at events as a titleholder. 

In June, I competed for the title of Miss Mississippi 2022. God blessed me with a platform and a voice and I became Miss Mississippi. During the preliminary competition I took home the Red Carpet Evening Gown Award. This was an award that was an example for girls across the state and the country. Standing at only 5'1, I was a representation that true beauty comes from the confidence and kindness we possess. Miss Mississippi is more than a crown and a name to me, but an ability to make a difference in the state and the country.


I had an incredible time  competing at the Miss America competition at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut in December 2022. I am so happy for Grace Stanke of Wisconsin for being named Miss America! I gained priceless friendships and was awarded the 10,000 dollar Jean Bartel Social Impact Award!

In my free time, I love cooking Lebanese food with my family, collecting vinyl records, performing, and preparing for my future appearance on "Family Feud!" I am an older sister to the best 16 year old in the world. Family and friends are everything to me! 

I am currently defering a year of school to focus on my job as Miss Mississippi. I was going into my senior year at MSU studying public relations with a minor in music. I cannot wait to apply the creativity I have learned through my college courses at Mississippi State, my extracurricular activities, and my job as Miss Mississippi as I begin the search for completing my higher education and heading toward my future career. I am blessed to benefit from the scholarship dollars from the Miss America Organization, earning over 30,000 through my participation. I will complete my undergrad debt free with scholarship money to spare for graduate school. 


I am the most alive when I am speaking, performing, and connecting to the people around me. 

My life as a performer through photos!

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