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What are you listening to?

I truly believe that everyone has a soundtrack or a playlist to their lives. We all have a theme song that we live by, for me that is "Beautiful Day" by U2.

My question is, what is that theme song for you? 

Music has been there for me in the darkest times and the brightest times. 

Every time I walk into a school, every time I visit a nursing home, and every time I have an appearance I ask people about the song that motivates and represents them.

I have attached a "positive playlist" that I have carefully crafted and expanded that will touch all ages. 

The inspiration for this playlist comes from a survey conducted over a multitude of age groups and backgrounds that have submitted music that personally inspires, uplifts and motivates them.  

I have one question for you... what are you listening to?

I hope you enjoy this uplifting playlist and I would love you to fill out your suggestion below!

Free Music Is Medicine Curriculum 

Enjoy FREE step curriculum for seniors and K-3rd grade students and implement Music Is Medicine in your facility/school!


Music Is Medicine In the Media

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